A downloadable game for Windows

System Failure is a 3D side-scrolling platformer about a robot trying to escape the factory where he was produced. Gameplay is focused on avoiding enemies, and solving puzzles to progress. 


UDKInstall-SF_Epo.exe 577 MB

Install instructions

After downloading the package, you will need to step through the install instructions. After instillation, you should be able to find System Failure_Expo in your all programs list. Alternatively the executable can be found in C:\UDK\System Failure_Expo\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe


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This looks awesome, but after downloading and running the installer exe I get three folders non of which seem to contain any further instructions nor the game itself. I have tried running the few exe files that the folders contain but the ones that do appear to be related to the game show the UDK/UE3 splash and proceed to hang my whole desktop forcing a restart. Am I missing something?

This part is confusing, I should have better documentation, so don't feel bad. 

If you go to Windows>All Programs your should see System Failure_Expo, this will start the game. If you don't see it there, the game executable file should be located in: C:\UDK\System Failure_Expo\Binaries\Win32 and is called UDK.exe.